RGW match 02: Kassidy vs. Lucy

Dominated blonde in yellow rubber gloves: An easy win for black Kassidy

Black amazon Kassidy is for sure one of the strongest and best female wrestlers around. After dominating and defeating helpless blonde Lilly in our first rubber gloves wrestling match Kassidy wants more: we put her together on the mat with blonde and experienced glamour wrestler Lucy - in a hot and sexy oil wrestling contest over 20 minutes to see who is the stronger girl again.

Lucy is one the girls with more wrestling experience than Kassidy regarding years of practice - but Kassidy normally wrestles competitive and is extremely hard to defeat and blonde Lucy is a glamour wrestler with only a small number of competitive wrestling matches under her belt. And there is something more: Lucy wrestled a few black women in the last 15 years - and lost to all of them.

This hot oil wrestling match in rubber gloves is part of a special DVD you can purchase at http://www.festelle.eu/ - or you can purchase the single fight as a download: FV 292 Lucy slithers.

Match: Kassidy vs. Lucy
Attire: green top (Kassidy), blue lingerie (Lucy)
Rubber gloves: black (Kassidy), yellow (Lucy)
Length: arm wrestling (2 min.), oiling up (4 min.) and wrestling match (15 min.)
Style: pins & submissions (full competitive)
Quantity: 302 MB (HD) or 155 MB (SD)
Official Download Price: 17,00 € (HD), 16,00 € (SD)

You think Lucy doesn't stand a chance in this full competitive oil wrestling match in rubber gloves? Yeah, you're right. This wrestling match is not really to find out which girl is better in wrestling - we all know that Kassidy is way to strong for Lucy. This wrestling match for those who like to see a black woman totally dominating a much weaker white woman and put her in a large number of different pins and submissions.

There isn't a name for some of the holds Kassidy apply on the helpless blonde, but this oil wrestling match is perfect to exercise new holds: Lucy isn't able to defend herself and is in pain often in this hot interracial wrestling contest. Lucy looks delicious in her beautiful yellow rubber gloves and it gets more and more sexy when not only the rubber gloves but the bodies of these 2 women get wet in the oil. Right from the start the black woman dominates the blonde woman: Kassidy is more agressive, much quicker, way stronger and just the much better wrestler.

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