Pictures: Sexy moments

We present you today a new category: Sexy moments. These pictures are most times from our regular picture sets - partly from the past and partly from the future with pictures you've never seen before. And we want to tell you something about this special, sexy moment which is shown in the picture. Enjoy!

Blonde beauty Shay doesn't stand a chance vs. black Kassidy
We have 2 different wrestling categories here with 2 different championships: full competitive mat wrestling and oil wrestling (which is mostly competitive, too - but with an erotic sense). This time we show you 2 pictures of our best and strongest woman on top of another woman: black grappler Kassidy. Kassidy is very experienced with nearly 10 years of wrestling experience and she is bigger and taller than most other girls. And the most important thing: Our black beauty is the most strongest woman on our rooster. So it's no surprise that she is still undefeated on our mats and one thing is for sure: if one girl wants to be the cchampion of the rubber gloves wrestling series, she needs to win vs. Kassidy - a hard task!

Painful moment: Black Kassidy traps czech wrestler Natalie and make her submit
Both pictures were taken at the same day: We filmed an oil wrestling tournament where Kassidy, Shay and Natalie wrestle each other in a round robin tournament. No surprise: Kassidy was the winner of this tournament. Shay and Natalie are physically not very strong and lower ranked wrestlers. Blonde Shay is not only one of the most beautiful girls who wrestles for us, but a big girl with a good defense - it's not that easy to make her submit. Nevertheless Kassidy is way stronger and just look at Shays face: She tried her very best - but for most woman this is not enough vs. Kassidy. But Shay did a good job vs. the stronger and better black amazon. Of course she lost this oil wrestling match, but she did well - and there is a full competitive mat wrestling re-match between these two very soon...

Cute czech girl Natalie isn't that experienced like Shay and much smaller: A perfect playtoy for Kassidy in a very one-sided oil wrestling contest. While the good defense is Shays best weapon, there is no defense in any way for the poor sexy body of Natalie. She's trapped early, quickly and many timmes between Kassidys strong legs - without a chance to escape. For Kassidy this type of match is perfedt for collecting submissions for the championship vs. an outmatched girl, smaller, less experienced and much weaker.

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