Co-Production with Festelle Wrestling

Most of our videos are co-productions with Festelle Wrestling and are filmed at the Festelles studios/wrestling location in the United Kingdom. Please check the Festelle Wrestling website for regular updates and if you want to buy one of the "Female wrestling in rubber gloves" movies.

Check out the great Festelle Wrestling newsletter: Be up to date with huge discounts, new releases and informations regarding the partner sites. For every new video there is a large description with many pictures and a free short video preview of every match.

Enjoy and check regularly:

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  1. i would love to see more t-shirt and cotton bikini panties and wedgies in catfights. there are so little wedgies in catfights. i would love to see not only wedgie giving/receiving, but also one hand wedgie picking and natural wedgies from moving around on the ground. so many catfights focus on the actual fight, but not enough focus on just the hotness. i mainly like catfights because i like to see hot girls roll around in their panties and catching natural wedgies. this is a whole market that hasn't been explored