RGW match 01: Kassidy vs. Lilly

Black Kassidy is much stronger than blonde Lilly
Welcome to the very first wrestling match of the Rubber Gloves Series: Black amazon Kassidy wrestles young blonde newcomer Lilly in a full competitive wrestling contest over 20 minutes including arm wrestling before the wrestling action.

The female wrestling match is part of a DVD you can buy or download at http://www.festelle.eu/: LE12 "Swimsuit Wrestling" is the title of the DVD.

Match: Kassidy vs. Lilly
Attire: Black top (Kassidy), leopard top (Lilly)
Rubber gloves: black (Kassidy) and pink (Lilly)
Length: arm wrestling plus 20 min. of wrestling
Style: pins & submissions (full competitive)
Quantity: 181 MB
Official Download Price: 20,00 €

This is the very first wrestling match in rubber gloves from our series and was filmed in summer 2010 and we are proud to present one of the most strongest women in europe and maybe all over the world and for sure one of the best and most experienced wrestlers: Black star Kassidy. Her opponent is young and beautiful blonde Lilly, a rising star in the british female wrestling scene. Today Lilly is one of the most famous session wrestlers in europe (even if she changed her name to Jade), and this was one of her first full competitive wrestling matches. Of course there was no chance for Lilly to win: it was obviously right from the start that the black woman is much stronger and more skilled. Nevertheless Lilly has a great fighting attitude and tries her very best and never gives up easy without fighting back.
Kassidy uses her weight and power advantage many times to dominate Lilly by pinning her. Another extremely dangerous weapon are Kassidys legs, which are used several times to make the sexy blonde submit. Like expected Lilly doesn't stand a chance in this one-sided wrestling contest and proud black Kassidy is the first winner of the "Female Wrestling in Rubber Gloves Series" and we will see her again vs. many other opponents in the near future.

You can download the full wrestling match here: http://www.festelle.eu/

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