Friendly match: Sam (UK) vs. Bambi (GER)

Black Sam dominates the much bigger blonde Bambi
Today we will see 2 beautiful girls in wrestling to see who's stronger - but this match doesn't count for the RGW championship. It's an older one from 2009, filmed in germany, but like most matches it's black vs. white. In this match black girl Sam from UK wrestles blonde Bambi from germany. Bambi is way bigger and taller, but Sam is more experienced in wrestling and knows well how to make another woman submit. In this match the black doesn't wear rubber gloves, but the blonde: Bambi wrestles in yellow rubber gloves.

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Match: Sam vs. Bambi
Attire: lingerie (first half), nude (second half)
Rubber Gloves: yellow (Bambi)
Length: 18 Min.
Style: pins & submissions (partly competitive)
Quantity: 264 MB (HD) or 131 MB (SD)
Official Download Price: 15,00 € (HD) or 14,00 € (SD)

Both girls start to wrestle non-topless in black and white lingerie the first half of the match. Bambi isn't weaker, but the black woman is much more experienced and in control soon. The sexy blonde from germany has her moments in this wrestling match, but Sam is too fast for her. After 2 minutes of wrestling Sam makes the blonde submit for the first time.
This submission was something like an opener: From now Sam is just the better woman and dominates Bambi. It's obviously that the black girl is more skilled and surprisingly physically stronger, too - even if the blonde is much bigger. She makes Bambi submit several times: by pin, by 2 extremely sexy camel clutches and different types of submissions. At the end the final result is a 10-0 victory for Sam and the most valuable thing you can get at this typr of wrestling match: the yellow rubber gloves from her defeated opponent.

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