New release: FV 301 Wrestling in Rubber Gloves Vol. 1

Since more than 3 years Festelle Wrestling is producing hiqh quality wrestling matches of beautiful women wrestling each other in rubber gloves. Full competitive mat wrestling matches, sexy oil wrestling matches and just fun wrestling videos, where the girls play with each other.

Now the first compilation of rubber gloves wrestling is released: FV 301: Rubber gloves Wrestling Vol. 1. This compilation contains 4 hot female wrestling matches, where the girls wear rubber gloves during their matches. Three matches are black vs. white and one match is white vs. white. This compilation will be continued in the future to present you always the most hottest and sexy wrestling matches of the Rubber Gloves Wrestling Championship, where all matches on this compilation are part of.

You can buy the complete compilation FV 301 Rubber gloves Wrestling here: - or of course you can purchase all 4 female wrestling matches of this compilation as single match downloads. All 4 matches will be reviewed here within the next few weeks and of course you will find picture sets of all matches here, too.

The video contains the following female wrestling matches:

FV301-1: Kassidy vs. Nikita
Black Kassidy (in pink rubber gloves) wrestles czech fitness model Nikita (blue rubber gloves). Both girls are very strong and fit - but only one woman is the decisive winner. The czech girl is very fast, but the black girl is much more experienced and undefeated. Will the black girl dominate the white girl or the other way round?

FV301-2: Reeny vs. Shay
Small black grappler Reeny (black rubber gloves) is new to wrestling and wrestles the more experienced and bigger blonde beauty Shay (yellow rubber gloves). But soon Shay finds out that this black beauty is just too strong for her. The sexy blonde gets a hard wrestling lesson in this typical "black girl beats up white girl" match, which is very one-sided.

FV301-3: Natalie vs Shay
It's hot and wet when these 2 ultra hot white girls try to find out who is stronger in a sexy oil wrestling contest. Shay wrestles in yellow rubber gloves and Natalie is wearing pink rubber gloves. There are not many submissions in this match when both girls try their very best. Who will win the very first time at the RGW championships? Natalie or Shay?

FV301-4: Cherry vs. Candy
Blonde double D bombshell Cherry thinks that she can handle all black girls in wrestling and faces off black fitness babe Candy, which is new to wrestling. Cherry wrestles in yellow rubber gloves and Candy in black rubber gloves and soon Cherry realizes how wrong she is with her thoughts. Cherry has a few good moments and score submissions, too - but most time of the match she is outmatched vs. a black wrestler who is faster, stronger and just better.

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