RGW match 04: Candy vs. Cherry

Today we present 2 new fighters on our mats, giving their debut for the female rubber gloves wrestling championship. Again it's a fight between a black woman vs. a white woman. The black woman wrestles in black rubber gloves and is new to wrestling in general, not only to wrestling in rubber gloves. Her name is Candy and she is a very fit and strong young woman. Blonde Cherry wrestles in yellow rubber gloves and is more experienced in wrestling, nevertheless she is new to competitive wrestling and it is fair to say that this wrestling match is only semi competitive: The winner is the better and the stronger girl, nevertheless this match isn't competitive all the time.

This fight doesn't start on the mat, but in the kitchen of these two beauties home: After their breakfast Candy and Cherry decide to arm wrestle to find out who is stronger. After 5 minutes the black girl is the winner of this contest by defeating Cherry in arm wrestling by 5:2. But Cherry is sure that power isn't all to win a wrestling match and challenges Candy on the mat for a real wrestling match: Cherry is sure that she can beat any black woman in wrestling...

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Of course this one is available as an download, too.

Match: Candy vs. Cherry
Attire: black top and white pantyhose (Candy), white top and blue pantyhose (Cherry)
Rubber Gloves: Black (Candy), Yellow (Cherry)
Style: pins & submissions (partly semi competitive)
Length: 5 min. of armwrestling, 21 minutes of mat wrestling
Quantity: 391 MB (HD) or 196 MB (SD)
Official Download Price: 16,00 € (HD) or 15,00 € (SD)

This wrestling match is devided into 2 different parts: The first half both girls wrestle non-topless and the second half they wrestle topless. Surprisingly the action changes completely with dropping off their tops: Cherry starts great and it seems that the big titted blonde can handle the black girl like she said before the match. Quickly she pins the black girl and gains a 1:0-lead. But Candy is just waiting for her chance - and at the end of the non-topless part the score between these 2 girls is 2:2.
And now Candy shows us her real face: She is fast and strong and now she is just much better than Cherry. She pins the blonde, scissors her and make her submit by a camel clutch. To cut it short: The action is one-sided now. It's black dominates white and at the end of the match Cherry knows that she can't defeat every black woman in wrestling. At least the first one was just better and wins by a total score of 6:2. But there will be a rematch: nude and in oil - with rubber gloves only. Hold on for the second clash of these 2 women on the mat...

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