RGW match 03: Shay vs. Jayda

Shay (yellow rubber gloves) wrestles black Jayda
After a long break we are back with this exciting nude wrestling match between big breasted Shay, for sure one of the most beautiful female wrestlers ever, and Jayda, a muscular black woman who wrestles for the very first time. Shay (in yellow rubber gloves) is more experienced than Jayda (black rubber gloves), but the black woman is physically way stronger than the white woman.

Right from the start the black woman dominates poor Shay: she pins the helpless white girl after 15 seconds, scissor her into several submissions and gives her pain with a devastating camel clutch. Never ever underestimate experience - but this time black power just rules over wrestling experience.

This wrestling match can be purchased at http://www.festelle.eu/ as part of the DVD FV302 - Enter Jayda. Of course you can buy this wrestling match as a single download, too.

Match: Shay vs. Jayda
Attire: nude
Rubber gloves: yellow (Shay), black (Jayda)
Length: 15 minutes
Style: pins & submissions (full competitive)
Quantity: 233 MB (HD) or 120 MB (SD)
Official Download Price: 12,00 € (HD), 11,00 € (SD)

If you like to see one woman dominating another woman all the time, this female wrestling match is for you. It's our third black vs. white wrestling match and for the third time the white woman don't know how to defend herself. Surprisingly Jayda seems to know exactly what kind of holds are effective and schools poor Shay a few hard submission holds. This fight isn't one of the fastest and/or hardest wrestling matches - nevertheless it's all about beeing stronger, beeing faster - just beeing the better woman on the mat. And today there's no question which woman is the better one: After 15 minutes of one-sided wrestling demolition black Jayda beats up Shay by 9-0.

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